Data Rationalization

An accurate and rationalized database means that you can take full advantage of opportunities to streamline your business and serve your customers more effectively.

The DUNS Number or Data Universal Numbering System, the distinctive nine-digit code we assign to every business entity in our database allows us to convert data taken from disparate sources into rationalized, coherent information. We call it Data Rationalization.

Data Rationalization consolidates your customer and supplier information in your legacy systems to create consistent, integrated and enhanced master files.

Together, the DUNS Number and Data Rationalization is a powerful tool that lets you trace the corporate family connections among your customers and suppliers - helping you increase revenue, minimize risk, leverage buying power and increase profitability.


  Data Rationalization Process


  D-U-N-S Numbers "Link" Companies, Divisions and Branch Locations


  Unleash the Power of your Data

  In Marketing, we can help you:

  1. Understand your customer base and find more of the right prospects for your business
  2. Target marketing and sales to companies that are likely to buy your products and services
  3. Deliver your messages to the right people

  In Purchasing, we can help you:

  1. Analyze your supply base and reduce your spend
  2. Leverage your buying power
  3. Minimize risk and guard against disruption of your supply chain
  4. Find qualified suppliers

  In Credit, we can help you:

  1. Select the right customers, set the right terms and monitor their performance
  2. Manage risk and reduce credit exposure
  3. Lower days-sales-outstanding and accelerate cash flow